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Alleghany Music Co.

Lessons By Mail


I now have a two part session on Jerusalem Ridge burned to CD. This CD will demonstrate all four parts of Jerusalem Ridge with variations on the melody in two octaves. This session comes with tablature and each phrase explained in detail on the CD, complete with practice rhythm tracks. Price of the session is only $40 postpaid. Just E-mail me about the Jerusalem Ridge Session.

I am now offering lesson by mail on most traditional, bluegrass or old-time tunes. I offer these in either CD or cassette format. Custom lessons on a tune or a break in a song are also available and will become part of this library when completed. Most lessons are approximately 30 to 40 minutes long. Price of these lessons are as follows:

Two lessons on CD are $40.00

One lesson on CD is $23.00

Two lessons on cassette are $38.00

One lesson on cassette is $20.00

What Type of Instruction do you want to buy?

Guitar tunes in Carter style.

Beginning Flatpicking Guitar Tunes.

Intermediate Flatpicking Guitar Tunes.

Guitar Tunes in Crosspick style.

Custom Guitar Breaks in Bluegrass style

Vocal Songs with Guitar Back-up

Mandolin Tunes

I have an introductory Old-Time Guitar Back-up session available on CD or Cassette for $40.00 which covers old-time runs and strumming techniques, chord patterns, time signatures, Old-time runs and three songs commonly used in Old-Time music. Just E-mail me about "The Old-Time back-up Session".

I have an introductory Bluegrass Bass session available on CD or Cassette for $40.00 which covers Upright Bass technique, chord patterns, time signatures, Bass runs and four songs commonly used in Bluegrass music. Just E-mail me about "The Bass Session".

I also have a few tunes I've developed for my blind friend Dave Mitchell. He feels these would be acceptable to other blind guitarists. These tunes are explained with great detail about which finger and fret is being used because no tablature can be used in this learning process. If you are a blind guitarist, or know a blind guitarist please access the following list of tunes.

Guitar Tunes for the Blind

You may go to the order form page and type in the name of the tune you wish to learn or you can go to the contact page and e-mail me about any other tune you would like to learn. I would be happy to help you in any way I can. Payment should be made in the form of a check or money order to:

Alleghany Music Company
P.O. Box 40
Piney Creek, NC 28663