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Alleghany Music Co. Order Form

Prices for the CD's and Instructional Cassette's are as follows. The CD "Steve Kilby, Plain & Fancy" is $17.00 each postpaid and the CD "Flatpicking 2000" are $15.00 each postpaid, or the Private Instruction lessons are as follows:

Two lessons on CD are $38.25

One lesson on CD is $20.00

Two lessons on cassette are $36.00

One lesson on cassette is $19.00

Fill out the form below by typing in how many CD's, Cassette Tapes or Instructional lesson's you want to order plus all the other information needed and click on the "Submit Order" button. Thank you for your order.

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"Steve Kilby, Plain & Fancy" - CD:
"Flatpicking 2000" featuring "Deerfield" - CD:

What Instructional material do you want to buy?

How many of each one of the Instructional lessons do you want?

Guitar Instruction:
Mandolin Instruction:
Bass Instruction:
Beginning Banjo Instruction:

Please consult our "Lessons By Mail" page to be sure the tune you want is available on the instrument you play.

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